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gone fishin richard corben penthouse -001A friend mailed us a copy of Penthouse Comix a couple years ago and it blew our minds. While we’ve been aware of the… other pleasures of Penthouse since adolescence, we never thought to check out their comics magazine.

This issue has a cool story by Richard Corben. It harkens back to classic horror tales by Berni Wrightson, and puts a new spin on the theme of eroticized underwater adventures. Kevin O’Neill also illustrates a disturbing story in this issue, and even Galactus makes an appearance.

Given the graphic sexual content of most of these stories, we leave them to your imagination, only presenting what we find to be a tasteful story of mermaids and mortality.

Collector’s Guide:
– From Penthouse Comix Vol 2 #14, August 1996.
Story & Art by Richard Corben

gone fishin richard corben penthouse -004