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Some of our dream journals have addressed pretty heavy emotions, but this one is lighter and happier. This is a dream of laughter and sunshine, pretty colors and shiny things. It’s fun – a dream you wake from, smiling.

We often have all kinds of fun in our dreams. We’ve seen the moonrise on an alien planet and rocked out on stage with Mudhoney. We’ve gone for rides in flying cars and played baseball, made love and attended cocktail parties. We’ve discovered the secret of flying, cuddled kittens, and taken epic treks through panoramic landscapes. And many, many times we have spent what seems like hours going through longboxes full of comic books that have never been published.

This has everything from a latex cast of a toy snake to wire from a fan, drawings from our art teacher to a Marvel Value Stamp, tin foil to jewelry, keys, stickers, and flowers. The stencil for the spray paint, the flowery black shapes, is part of the casing of a fan motor. The loose wires on the left got the staple gun treatment to hold them on the back of the wooden frame.