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In this short story from World of Fantasy, a man hesitates to start up conversation with a lovely lady standing in the rain one night. But, the reader gets a glimpse of the strange events that would unfold if the man had actually worked up the nerve to talk to her. We don’t want to spoil it for you, but it involves aliens!

Atlas published nineteen issues of World of Fantasy from 1956-1959. Stan Lee edited the series and wrote many of the stories. Besides golden age sci-fi greats like Joe Orlando, Joe Manelley, and Angelo Torres, World of Fantasy featured artists who would become big names at Marvel and DC afterward. Just to name a few: Bill Everett, Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnot, Don Heck, Ross Andru, Jack Abel, Dick Giordano, Jim Mooney, Steve Ditko.

We haven’t had any luck tracking down a reprint collection of these. If you know of one, leave a comment for us!

Collector’s Guide: From World of Fantasy #2; Atlas, 1956. Script by Carl Wessler, art by Jay Scott Pike.