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The Teen Titans series from the late 1960s is a trip. Robin saying, “Peace, baby!” to a bunch of aliens? Aqualad and his girlfriend going to a rock concert? Whoa!

The series isn’t even close to the brilliance Marv Wolfman and George Perez would bring to the Teen Titans in the 1980s. However, we’d like to share with you this origin of Wonder Girl because it has none other than Marv Wolfman scripting it. Marv Wolfman describes the impetus for the origin of Wonder Girl on his site.

Some of these same scenes would be masterfully recreated and expanded by George Perez in one of our favorite super-hero comics of all time: New Teen Titans #38, Who is Donna Troy? In that story, Dick ‘Robin’ Grayson uncovers the mystery behind this strange scene where Donna is a helpless infant in a burning building.

Collector’s Guide: From Teen Titans #22; DC Comics, 1969. Script by Marv Wolfman; art by Gil Kane and Nick Cardy.