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All the objects in Dream Journal 5 come with associations of disappointment. Despite its small size and simplicity, this collage/painting was perhaps the most difficult to work on thus far. Memories of potentially wonderful times marred with bitterly disappointing outcomes seem especially heavy – like leaden weights holding you down. Everyone knows the feeling of disappointments in romance, finance, health, travel – any time we expect great things but end up feeling let down by ourselves, others, or circumstance. Feelings of disappointment, if left to linger, can become feelings of chronic failure.

In this dream, however, we can see the beauty of these things. Even the dead plants and beetle, painted silver, suggest the value in things we experience as transitory. Life goes on. And in this dream, all these memories are caught up in a gust of wind. It lifts them up, almost animating them, into the light. Here, held up before us, we can appreciate their beauty. Here, we can set free our attachments to the negative feelings that plague them, and remember why they shone so brightly for us in the first place.

You awake from this dream more at peace with yourself and your past. You feel more alive, refreshed. You know something sad happened, but somehow it doesn’t drag you down. You feel ready to move on today, to appreciate the wonder in small things, and make new memories.

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