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dream journal 4

A shadowy mass nearly overwhelms this dream with its darkness. It engulfs what should be reminders of love and creativity. In its depths, glow pages from The Martian Chronicles.

What should be familiar becomes dark, dangerous, and oppressive in this dream. Your comforts become alien and threatening. Something is wrong, but you can’t quite put your finger on the cause of the uneasiness. It is vague, but troubling.

Yet, all of this menace exists in contrast to a glowing white force that illuminates color along the edge of the darkness. Tinted with green, it suggests life, and light.

You wake from this dream not fully understanding this other, alien presence, nor why it menaces you. You will be uneasy for some time – haunted by it, even. You will wonder if you can bring that dark mass into the light, and see what it’s made of.