We can never remember the full name of this damn airport otherwise known as “The Atlanta Airport.” But it’s got some cool artwork in it, and a pretty big dinosaur skeleton. Last time we went through there, it also had a fascinating pictorial exhibit about the cosmos. It started from Earth and moved out over dozens of photos down a long hallway to an image of the entire conceivable universe. We say “conceivable” loosely, because who can really conceive of that scale of things?

We found these photos in our personal archives. They include the dinosaur skeleton and some really beautiful African-inspired artwork. If you ever go through this airport, skip the little train and go for the walk. You will see many more interesting art objects that way – just plan a little extra time in your trip. Note: We threw in a couple random shots from our sightseeing in and around Atlanta. No, the Big Chicken is not at the airport!