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Amazing Spider-man #347 brings a multi-part Spider-man story to its climactic conclusion in “The Boneyard Hop.” On a deserted island, Spidey and Venom wage a life-or-death battle. While many Spider-man villains pursue the usual world domination or petty heists for their own self-interest, Venom gleefully revels in the sheer horror he can inflict on Spider-man.

Writer David Michelinie first brought together Eddie Brock and Spidey’s black “symbiote” suit to form Venom. The art team of Erik Larsen and Randy Emberlin carry the stylistic torch established by the previous penciller, Todd McFarlane. Together, they make Venom just as much fun as he is evil!

We also enjoy the look Larsen brought to Spidey’s traditional threads, filling in most or all of the blue areas with black. Some fans disagreed with this rendition, but we love it. Bring back the red and black!

Collector’s Guide: From Amazing Spider-man #347; Marvel Comics, 1991. Reprinted in Venom Returns TPB (collecting ASM #330-333 and 344-347).

Mark Ginocchio, who chronicles his quest to collect every issue of Amazing Spider-man at Chasing Amazing, counts this as his fourth favorite Spider-man battle of all time.