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Martin Pasko and Curt Swan crafted my favorite issue of Superman. I had this one back in 1978 — probably the Whitman version — and recently picked it up again. It’s still awesome! How do they do that? You can tell it’s going to be amazing right from the question mark layout on the first page.

Are you ready for the attack of the killer Kryptonoid? What the heck is a Kryptonoid? That’s what Superman needs to figure out before it’s too late. One touch from this shape-shifting, metal-controlling pink monstrosity and it’s all over for Supes! The sick, twisted tragedy of the Kryptonoid’s origin, once revealed, slays us every time. Plus, Clark Kent gets naked for Lana Lang — sort of. Believe me, if I was Superman, I’d fly around naked, too. Just because I could.

The image gallery includes a tribute page: a memorial to Mort Weisinger who died on May 7, 1978. The resolution should be high enough that you can read the full text by zooming in. Something I did not include from this issue: a back-up story about Mr. & Mrs. Superman, an alternate reality where Supes and Lois are married.

Collector’s Guide: From Superman #329; DC Comics, 1978. The first half of the story appeared in Superman #328. But don’t worry, Pasko’s three-page opening recap gives you all the details you need!