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maggie 2 scan - Copy

Maggie in Violet
Acrylic over collage on canvas.

A couple days ago we posted a painting that needed corrective eye surgery.
Our art teacher advised us to burn the photo reference to really tune in to the painting itself. Well, it was digital. After pouring gasoline on our hard drive and throwing lit cigarettes at it… we did our best to reconstruct the eyes. We gave her perhaps a half dozen minor procedures – strictly outpatient.

She seems more confident now, albeit a bit intense. Did you know that people respond to large pupils? Dilated pupils send a visual cue to your viewer that you are very, very interested in them. Certain pharmaceutical chemicals enlarge your pupils, and you may notice people respond to you differently in those times. (Please, do not drive a car on MDMA, kids.) Eye tests can do it, too.

Regardless, all the doubt and hesitation we mentioned before becomes acute when you go to do eye surgery on a painting. It isn’t like touching up a tree or some Kirby krackle. It’s someone looking back at you while you reconstruct the window to their soul.

You know what the awesome thing is, though? White paint. If you screw it up, your worst case scenario is covering all your mistakes with white paint and starting again.

And remember: your cat doesn’t give a damn about the whole enterprise anyway!

maggie 2 with ellie