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The Avengers made such a splash getting “Disassembled” back in 2004 that sometimes Spider-man’s creepy role in that event gets overlooked. Paul Jenkins took advantage of the wave of weirdness coursing through the Marvel Universe to have a bit of horrific fun with our favorite web-slinger.

A femme fatale takes a shining to Spidey. Her diabolical plan? To transform Spidey into some kind of hideous spider mutant. Throughout the four issues of this story, we see Spider-man in various stages of grotesqueness as he mutates into something that, we guess, the lady wants to mate with. The build-up is intense, and the resolution is as cool as it is unexpected. Captain America guest stars. Have a look at some of the splash pages in our gallery today!

Collector’s Guide:
– From Spectacular Spider-man #17-20; Marvel, 2004.
Story by Paul Jenkins. Pencils & Covers by Humberto Ramos.