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Ultra Cosmic Bonus Points are yours if you identify the source comic book for the panel in the center which clearly states this collage is “Perfect! The Master Will be Well Pleased!”

Perfect the Master Will Be Well Pleased - Copy

Martians, normally we would do a quarterly report. But, we’ve been on a sort of vacation and stumbled upon a top secret scientific formula for destroying time itself. The upshot of this discovery is a wildly creative state of existence in which colors magically wash canvas almost by themselves, and old dreams find new life in other forms. The downside is complete impatience for things like quarterly reports!

We should mention how pleased we were that Rick Veitch noticed we posted some of his early Sgt. Rock backups and linked to them from his site. Rock on! We just mailed a spare copy of Roarin’ Rick’s Rare Bit Fiends #3 to someone special, hoping to spread the dream art madness.

Anyway, the last 48 hours or so we have been working on a painting using some new techniques. It started out as a collage of panels from some beat-to-hell copies of early Marvel Team-Up. As a mental break, we took the scraps and some Mod Podge and applied them to a little canvas that would fit on our scanner. It took us exactly as long as the 31-minute album by the Melvins, originally entitled Lysol before they were threatened with a lawsuit. If you’ve never glued old comic books to something while listening to the Melvins at top volume, you really should put it on your to-do list this weekend.