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Brian Michael Bendis saw into the future. We’ve recently seen one of the most ridiculous series titles in comics history: Ultimate Comics Ultimates. Marvel, come on! But Bendis predicted this branding insanity in a dialogue from Ultimate X-men in 2003.

Here, Bendis and artist David Finch parody Bendis’ own famous dialogue style by filling the page with 38 separate panels for a single conversation! And, in this snappy discussion between Black Widow and Wolverine, Bendis pokes fun at the name “The Ultimates.”

All kidding aside, this story — Blockbuster — may be my favorite Spider-man/Wolverine team-up since James C. Owsley (Priest) paired them in the Soviet Union in the 1980s in a weird conclusion to the Hobgoblin saga. Throw in Daredevil and the Black Widow, and you’ve got some seriously action-packed adventure!

Collector’s Guide: From Ultimate X-men #35; Marvel, 2003. Reprinted in Ultimate X-Men TPB #7, “Blockbuster.”