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Casting Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in recent Marvel Movies was a no-brainer. Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch already figured that out in the first volume of The Ultimates. It’s stated outright in a conversation the group has about casting an Ultimates movie!

But the first appearance of Nick Fury in the “Ultimate Universe” depicts him a little differently. He plays a supporting role in Millar’s “Return to Weapon X” storyline for Ultimate X-men. Tom Raney, who did such great work on Stormwatch with Warren Ellis, doesn’t draw Fury as a Jackson lookalike. And, the trademark all-black threads Fury sported in The Ultimates are preceeded by this cool all-white suit.

Still, the image of Fury as a ultra high-tech super-spy remains intact – even if his amazing gizmos are much less conspicuous than Jack Kirby’s version. Enjoy “Ultimate” Fury’s first scene in our gallery below.

Collector’s Guide:
– From Ultimate X-men #10
– Reprinted in Ultimate X-Men TPB #2 “Return to Weapon X”
– Reprinted in Ultimate X-Men Ultimate Collection #1