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We include this scene from Dreadstar #2 in our Psychic Battle series even though it is not formally a battle. What we see here is different side of Starlin’s theme of psychic union or merger. Here, our protagonists are not vying for supremacy but seeking to cooperatively merge. Jim Starlin depicts their faces merging, so that they become one being together on the psychic plane.

While there is a scene within this scene in which Syzygy asserts his dominance over Willow to get at what is obstructing her powers, his goals are far different than what we saw yesterday in the battle between Willow and Monalo. Syzygy seeks to empower her. To this end, he brings her to a white light. It embodies the pure, unsullied essence of the human spirit — an image to which Willow would return for strength and comfort many, many times.

Collector’s Guide: From Dreadstar #2; Epic, 1983. Reprinted in Dreadstar and Company #2.