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In the third issue of Infinity Abyss, Jim Starlin uses one of his favorite themes: the psychic/mystic battle in which the two combatants appear to merge. Here we see the bodies of Doctor Strange and Moondragon appear as a single entity. Starlin uses this device to show antagonists struggling for ego supremacy. They fight to maintain their very identities while subsuming the identity of their opponent.

The final page of Infinity Abyss #3 recapitulates this struggle on the cosmic plane. The two beings Eternity and Infinity appear before Adam Warlock in a similarly merged being.

We’ve looked at Starlin’s use of the dual identity before in a psychic battle between Thanos and Galactus. Tomorrow, we’ll dig deeper into the Starlin archives for a scene from Dreadstar.

Collector’s Guide: Collected in Infinity Abyss TPB. Originally printed as Infinity Abyss #3; Marvel, 2002.