This promotional comic from Radio Shack does a pretty awesome job presenting the story of electricity and electronic inventions. From the first human flight to the Space Shuttle, this book covers it all. They even get bonus points for including Nikola Tesla!

You can pick up old Radio Shack books for a dollar or two and become an electronics expert! We didn’t have time to scan the whole issue but you’ll find a few pages about computers in our gallery. It’s fun to look back and see what state-of-the-art computer tech was like in 1987. If you were there, you remember it. If you weren’t born yet, consider this a free ride in a time machine! Tomorrow we’ll look at another Radio Shack promo featuring DC characters and such arcane devices as the TRS-80.

Collector’s Guide: History of Electronics #1; Radio Shack, 1988. Radio Shack also published a longer-running Story of Electronics from 1972-1986, sometimes listed as “The Science Fair Story of Electronics.”