We’ve been fans of the Silver Surfer for a long time. But not since the days of Stan Lee and John Buscema has a Silver Surfer series captured us with such a marvelous union of art and story as Silver Surfer Vol. 3. In its 14 issues, we get two related stories: Communion and Revelation. The surfer collects a handful of children from Earth, including the central character Ellie. Ellie is autistic. Her relationship with her mother forms the central emotional context of the tales. But why is the Surfer abducting kids?

Well, if you’ve ever read a Marvel comic before, you can guess it has to do with either A) the destruction of Earth, B) the destruction of all life as we know it, or C) the destruction of the entire universe. We’ll let you guess which one it is!

In the meantime, check out these stunning splash and double-splash pages from Communion! Written by Stacy Weiss & Dan Chariton; Pencils by Lan Medina.

Collector’s Guide:
– From Silver Surfer Vol. 3; Marvel, 2003.
– Reprinted in Silver Surfer: Communion TPB.