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Publisher Orrin C. Evans was a newspaper reporter and editor before he launched All-Negro Comics. Many of us remember that in the 1970s at the big publishers, bringing in a black super-hero was something of a cultural milestone. But in many (not all) cases, we had white writers giving us their best guess at handling black characters. In All-Negro Comics, on the other hand, “every brush stroke and pen line in the drawings on these pages are by Negro artists.” The characters in All-Negro Comics also differ from many of those in the bronze age in that they do not play a role as “the black guy” in a predominantly white world. While you may not find any Eisner-winning moments in this issue, All-Negro Comics is a piece of history worth considering.

Our set of scans from this issue is incomplete. If you have a complete scan, we’d love to hear from you.

Collector’s Guide:
– From All-Negro Comics, 1947.
Orrin C. Evans, President; All-Negro Comics, Inc.