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We were reading a blog the other day where the author suggested that comic books are dead. Dude, come on! Marvel and DC may have to re-number their books every week to stoke the sales fire, but comic books as an art form — as a communications medium — are far from dead. Wherever sequential pictures tell a story, comics live! Wherever words and pictures together tell a story more fully than either words or pictures alone, you are getting your world rocked by comics!

We suggested to the author that there’s a comic book in every seat of every commercial airplane. You know, the adventure where the lady puts an oxygen mask on her kid. The comic book where a bunch of people go sliding down an inflatable slide into the ocean. Yeah, that comic!

Later on, we found this page in a 2011 National Geographic. The military was using comics to communicate with people in Afghanistan! It’s pretty simple to follow the storyline on these: The locals tell a soldier where the bombs are hidden, the soldiers round up the bombs, and the locals get paid cash. Hey, DC should try that plot sometime!