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Part of the deal when Walt Simonson set up Beta Ray Bill to get his god-power was Bill’s moral worthiness to carry the hammer of Thor. In Godhunter, Bill sets out on a quest for vengeance against our world-devouring friend Galactus. Bill’s more than a little pissed-off that Galactus ate his planet — and his entire species! Wouldn’t you be? Godhunter asks the question, “Is a horse-faced alien truly worthy to carry the hammer of Thor when all he seeks is brutal revenge?”

Good question! Before we answer it, we get inter-galactic fireworks and Bill speaking our four favorite words: “This Is Going Cosmic.” Yes! In this scene from the first issue of Godhunter, Beta Ray Bill beats the snot out of a herald of Galactus. And to top it off, he tells the Big G to go starve himself! You tell him, Bill! While not entirely thrilled with the resolution of this three-part epic, we really enjoyed following Bill on his quest to single-handledly kick the almighty ass of Galactus.

Collector’s Guide: From Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter #1; Marvel, 2009. Reprinted in Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter TPB.