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Tip for the day: “If you destroy a space god, his companions will shatter this planet and all who live upon it! Humanity will perish!”

Of course, the evil Druig won’t listen to this advice, and it’s up to our hero to prevent a cosmic holocaust by journeying to… The Pyramid.

Here is the last issue of Jack Kirby‘s saga of alien beings and human evolution, and it goes out with a bang. Unfortunately, it left so much untold about the Celestials, and what they would decide about humanity’s future. After a massive build up of potential, The Eternals just kind of… stopped. We can only imagine what else King Kirby had in store for us!

Collector’s Guide:
– From The Eternals #19; Marvel, 1976
Reprinted in the Eternals by Jack Kirby TPB #2; Marvel, 2008.