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You know we loved Calafiore’s Exiles rendition of the Lizard and his dinosaur illustrations for Rex Riders. Let’s enjoy some Calafiore dinosaur art for DC’s Secret Six. Also, Bane fights a griffin. What?!

Secret Six #25-28 contain a four-part story called “The Reptile Brain.” Written by Gail Simone and rendered by J. Calafiore with colorist Jason Wright, “The Reptile Brain” takes place in Skartaris. Skartaris, created by Mike Grell for 1975’s Warlord, is basically the DC Comics version of Marvel’s Savage Land.

Collector’s Guide: From Secret Six #25; DC Comics, 2010. Reprinted in The Reptile Brain TPB; DC, 2011. Also available in digital format from Comixology: Secret Six, The Reptile Brain. Comixology obligingly groups all the issues from the Reptile Brain story arc on one page to make shopping easier. Nice!