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DC Comics took five issues of The Brave and the Bold to experiment with an unusual merger of science fiction and sports called “Strange Sports Stories.” From Gorillas using baseball for world domination, to 24th-century Martian golf tournaments, editor Julius Schwartz and artist Carmine Infantino crafted unique and entertaining short stories. Let’s check them out!

Collector’s Guide: From Brave and the Bold #46; DC Comics, 1963. Reprinted in DC Special #7, 1968.

Read a more detailed history of Strange Sports Stories from Mike Grost, who knows all the writers and all the dates, and a solid memoir from BuckBokai.

This Brave and the Bold series should not be confused with DC’s 6-issue revival of the concept in 1973. You can read some of those stories at Diversions of the Groovy Kind, or buy them here: Strange Sports Stories.

Several of those 1973 stories appear in DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #13. That tiny tome also reprinted a baseball game between DC’s heroes and villians that originally appeared in DC Super-Stars #10 in 1976. Thanks to Gutter Talk for helping us re-locate that lost treasure!