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You know, it’s not always exploding aliens, rampaging dinosaurs, and mutant brains around here. We also enjoy tender romance. That’s right. Love, sweet love.

Take this issue of Doctor Strange, for example. A gnarly demoness casts a spell on a lonely human being. She makes him fall in love so he will open up a dimensional portal. Then, she can suck the life essence out of his very soul.

Doctor Strange steps in to prevent this unholy matrimony, but it turns out he’s not doing anyone any favors. In fact, he pretty much ruins this hideous interdimensional love affair for everyone. On the upside, the light show is cool as hell!

Collector’s Guide:
– From Doctor Strange #76; Marvel, 1986.
Script by Peter Gillis, breakdowns by Mark Badger, pencils by Chris Warner, inks by Randy Emberlin.