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Yes!!! You are going to want to pet little Tantor yourself after you dig this pulse-pounding story! This Korak tale is so big on adventure that we can let the dumbed-down ecology slide. Just pretend you never heard of a food chain, and let it go!

Robert Kanigher, who brought us Space Voyagers and Sgt. Rock scripted this story, which artist Rudy Florese brought to life.

Historical notes: Gold Key started Korak in 1964, based loosely on the Edgar Rice Burroughs material, Tarzan. DC published Korak from #46 through the final issue, #59. You Alex Niño fans will find he did a lot of cool artwork for Korak. You can find some examples of Niño on Korak at Diversions of the Groovy Kind. Now let’s fight a shark and release the wild beasts!

Collector’s Guide:
– From Korak #57, DC Comics, 1975.


Yes, this is abridged by a few pages. Jungle boy knifes the %$#& out of a shark, then gets captured by pirates. Keep up! Here comes the good part!