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Roger Stern and John Byrne‘s brief collaboration on Captain America ran from #247 to #255. Most Cap fans regard these tales from 1980-1981 as a minor classic, deserving a place in any collection of the best Cap stories. One of the big ideas they tackled was the idea of Captain America’s running for President. The letters page we included here has a column by author Roger Stern detailing the genesis of the idea and his thoughts on the concept. We enjoy all 17 pages of the story in Cap’s 250th issue. But, couldn’t this idea have been taken much further? How cool would it have been to have four years of Marvel continuity where Cap was president?!

Captain America would make the most awesome president ever. He’d certainly get our vote, and we don’t even agree with him on everything. Cap is everything our politicians are not: strong, dependable, honest, trustworthy, virtuous, caring – and have you seen what he can do with that shield? We just don’t buy his speech at the end explaining why he won’t run. He is obviously the man for the job. So man up, Cap, and get on the ballot!

Even if he didn’t make it into office because of some inane Red Skull plot, the possibilities are amazing. Fan Fiction geeks, fire up your word processors and get to work on this story. The rest of you, take advantage of your civil liberties and get to the ballot box on election day!

Collector’s Guide:
– From Captain America #250; Marvel, 1980. Script by Roger Stern.
Art by John Byrne and Joe Rubinstein.