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What if there were no longer gravity on Earth? This unusual scenario gives birth to the finest Indie Comic we’ve had the pleasure to review in our two years here on Mars: Holli Hoxxx: Volume One from BogusBooks. With original science-fiction themes and gorgeously rendered ink and watercolor art, Holli Hoxxx takes you into a unique vision of the future full of twists and turns.

Competing companies sell solutions to the lack of gravity such as gravity boots and localized gravity inducers for home or business. Still, the pervasive problem remains unsolved. A massive effort begins to bury a series of giant gravity inducers that will restore the pull of earth to the city of New York, including its massively destroyed and floating burrough of Manhattan. Workers on this project uncover the apparently dead body of a beautiful woman who soon mysteriously disappears.

This woman, our protagonist Holli Hoxxx, finds herself awake thirty years into a gravity-less future with no idea how she got there. A former spokesmodel for one of the gravity boot companies, she begins an investigation to find answers, starting with the whereabouts of her former boyfriend. Shady businessmen and sleazy urban characters populate Holli’s new world, and she seems safe nowhere.

Writers Austin and Adam Tinius spend little time on explanation and exposition, focusing instead on Holli’s story told both in current time and flashback. Therefore, the reader finds themselves almost as lost as Holli at the start, and joins the investigation in putting together the pieces. Yet the farther one goes into Holli’s story, the more one becomes drawn into the world. We found we could not put the book down until we finished the entire thing.

Artist Stefano Cardoselli deserves applause for his stylized watercolor and ink art that uniquely represent Tinius’ vision. It ranks up there with the best of Heavy Metal, Miller and Sienkiewicz’s Elektra: Assassin, and Kevin O’Neill’s science fiction artwork while mimicking none of them. Sample Cardoselli’s art in the four-page excerpt below!

93 pages long and sporting a Glenn Fabry cover, Holli Hoxxx rocked our world. In the complaints department we have but one: Holli Hoxxx: Volume One presents only the first third of the story, and we were dying to read the rest! We eagerly look forward to Volumes Two and Three to see where Holli’s strange journey takes her.

Now in print as the Holli Hoxxx Omnibus from BogusBooks!