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Leftovers explores the deeper process of the things people hang on to, and whether or not they can let go of friends, family, or even their own emotions. These are self contained ideas spread across different stories; short and sometimes schizophrenic. But when it’s all said and done, their own worlds keep spinning, even when they themselves aren’t ready to continue.

You can find all three issues of Leftovers at IndyPlanet.
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Leftovers Book One
Almost everyone has just wanted to pick up and leave at one point or another in their lives. Jim thinks about this every day. Unfortunately, the idea is a lot easier than the reality of it all. Stuck in a job at a grocery store as a stock boy, Jim has always dreamed of a life other than his own. One that keeps moving. But, it has been on hold for the past two years. Then he meets someone that pushes him forward. Amanda is that push, and his inspiration. But sometimes, the influence of society, friends, and even himself, can get in the way.

Leftovers Book Two
Awkwardness is sometimes, all consuming. Not every time, when a person meets someone, is it going to go smoothly. They wrap themselves in an idea of their own self-perception, and then get lost in that need for acceptance. This issue is about exploring those feelings. It includes five short stories spanning the themes of lost love, coming to terms with one’s self, and eating Gummi Bears during World War II.

Leftovers Book Three
Walter Thurman mourns the death of his wife, Margaret. As a coal miner in the 1800’s, he has spent 14 years coping with his loss. But, his methods (inspired by Ed Gein) are not what one would call conventional. The process of letting go was extremely difficult for Walter, but sometimes what you don’t let go of will end up coming back for you. This issue also includes three more short horror/suspense stories.

You can find all three issues of Leftovers at IndyPlanet.