When did it become the second week of October?! We broadcast our quarterly report to you from within the depths a massive time warp. Some cool stuff happened while we navigated the vortices and vertices of transdimensional hyperspace.

Our honorable co-conspirator Paul O’Connor at Longbox Graveyard had a birthday, so drop by and wish him well! He’s also been cranking out podcasts and has expanded his postings to more days of the week, in addition to writing several columns on other sites. We’ve been following him from maybe his first month, and watching the LBG grow ever since!

Jim Lawson began publishing his Paleo series online, one page a day, at no charge. We hope this effort brings his amazing dinosaur comic to a wider audience. It can be hard to find all the issues in print, but you can usually find the collected Paleo TPB of the first six issues easily. And believe us, the 7th and 8th issues are well worth the effort it will take you to track them down for a complete set. We just got them last month – a huge tyrannosaur-sized thank you to Jim and Colin for that! Our post about his follow-up series Paleo: Loner remains one of our most popular pages – probably because it got linked to from Jim’s site. We are honored!

We haven’t had much time to publicize Mars the last couple of months, but it made us happy to see io9 pick up our post about the first issue of Jack Kirby’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Check out the io9 article on Jonathan Hickman’s plans for Avengers.

Coming up this month: We are going to treat you to as many Ray Bradbury stories from our EC Comics collection as we humanly can. We’ll be running them almost every day from October 10 to October 31. You will get our handy guide to their publication history in every post, along with the usual helpful links to see what issues you can currently buy.

Coming up this month: We received a ton of great self-published indie comics to review recently! Later this month you can enjoy a review of a different new indie title every day for about a week. Just give us a chance to crawl out from under our homework and we will rock your world!

Coming up this month: You’ll also see a week of daily poetry posts this week. We wrangled just enough time to write a little bit on the side recently, and we dug out a few old favorites from the vault to round out a full week.

Last but not least, our goofy monthly stats chart! It felt good to watch that stats ticker roll over 400,000. Strangely enough, though page views were down two months in a row, our affiliate sales at Amazon and MyComicShop went up. (And, we hit new highs for follows, shares, and likes – go figure!) Thank you as always for the box of free comics we got with our store credit. We’re loving them! Remember, we don’t make money from your purchases, but we do get a store credit that helps us buy more books to rave about maniacally and share with you.

Thank you so much for dropping by and rapping about our mutual passion – comic books! Without our readers we would be nothing.