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This is Sold Out lampoons the comic book industry of the 1980s – and no one walks away without a few lumps. It’s too bad they never did a sequel satirizing the 1990s speculator craze. Long-time comic book fans will enjoy picking out the hilariously altered comic book titles on the racks and the ridiculous hyperbole about the medium we know and love so well.

Our favorite moment? A rodent and a turtle use random words from the dictionary to come up with the title of the latest black-and-white indie sensation: The Catastrophic Obsequious Belgian Hibernation Retrieval. Somebody really needs to create that book!

Sold Out is one of those barely-known comic book gems we believe every comic book fan needs to own. And, they’re going for a modest sum of about a dollar each. Sold Out has an outrageous second issue that concludes the story as the “Color Police” get together to eradicate all competition for the black-and-white madness. Absolute lunacy!

Collector’s Guide:
-From Sold Out; 1986, FantaCo.
Last we checked, FantaCo was defunct and this title is out of print.