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Superman and the Flash get roped into racing to the end of time by some freaky aliens. If that doesn’t sound like a premise for greatness, you may be at the wrong website! We’ve got Martin Pasko scripting. Swamp Thing fans might recall he was on the book for the inception of the second volume. Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez really hits the perfect look for this book; just the right balance of cartoon silly and sci-fi awesome.

But maybe I’m biased. I first read this as an impressionable little Martians close to the time it came out in 1978. So impressionable, in fact, that Pasko’s explanation of time as a circle still seems completely reasonable to me. His aliens explain that if you went to the end of time, you would actually be at the beginning of time… Screw Stephen Hawking, I’m going with Pasko cosmology!

Collector’s Guide:
– From DC Comics Presents #1-2; 1978, DC Comics.
– Reprinted by Whitman, which might save you a few bucks, and in the collection Superman Vs. The Flash.
– Reprinted in Showcase Presents DC Comics Presents TPB, 2009.