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Dynamite’s first Lone Ranger series ran for twenty-five issues. It was clearly ‘written for the trade,’ so we waited until the whole series was over before buying it up. We were not disappointed! The story and the artwork really come together when you can read the complete stories without that thirty-day lag between issues.

About half of this issue covers the tragic incident that begets the Lone Ranger. We’ll share that with you today. The other half consists of flashbacks (not included) interspersed within this scene that give you a feel for the Ranger’s relationship with his father and brother.

Collector’s Guide: From Lone Ranger #1; Dynamite Comics, 2006. Reprinted in the Lone Ranger TPB #1, and the Lone Ranger Hard Cover #1.

Featuring the all-star creative team of writer Brett Matthews, art director and cover artist John Cassaday, artist Sergio Cariello, colorist Dean White, and letterer Simon Bowland.