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Unless this is your first time at our site, you know we love Jim Lawson’s Paleo! Now you can experience the full-on dinosaur awesomeness free on the web. Jim is publishing Paleo in serialized form at http://www.paleo.jimlawsonart.com/

Just in case you’ve been fossilized since the late Cretaceous and haven’t seen Paleo yet, here’s the official press release to whet your prehistoric appetite:

Paleo presents eventful days in the lives of many species of prehistoric animals. Their depiction in the Late Cretaceous is intended to be as historically accurate as possible. The first issue, featuring one danger-filled day in the life of a triceratops, recently finished posting. The second issue, featuring a violent clash between various deadly dinosaur species, has just begin. Future issues feature Pterodactyls, giant dinosaurs of the sea, and Dragonflies as protagonists. The comic has been heralded by the Smithsonian Magazine’s Dinosaur Tracking blog and legendary dinosaur comic book artist Steve Bissette.

Paleo: The Webcomic reprints Jim Lawson’s Paleo print comic on the web. Lawson was a staff artist at Mirage Studios, birthplace of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, for almost 25 years where he drew more Ninja Turtles comics than anyone. During this time, he developed one of the most distinct and technically adept styles in all of comics. That style is on full display in Paleo. All eight print issues and the never printed Paleo: Loner will be posted as a part of the Paleo webcomic, in addition to some all new material. Pages are posted Wednesday and Friday every week.

Lawson writes and draws the comic himself with inks for the first issue and letters for most issues provided by Ninja Turtle creator Peter Laird. Fellow former Ninja Turtle artist Michael Dooney provides painted covers.