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When we call this the first issue of Nexus, we mean it was the first issue published in standard comic book size. But it’s really the fourth adventure of Nexus. You can pick up the first three stories in the Nexus Magazine from 1982. They’re oversized, in black and white, and one even has a record with the Nexus theme song. Rock!

The Original Nexus collects all three Nexus Magazine stories in an oversized graphic novel format. It’s a good buy. Steve Rude’s company reprinted all three of the Nexus Magazine stories and the first four Capital issues in Nexus As it Happened. For $10, it’s a great way to catch up or jump on board with Nexus. It basically contains the same material as Dark Horse’s Nexus Archives #1.

Enjoy today’s scene from the first issue where Nexus and his lady Sundra try to have a nice dinner but end up meeting Judah Maccabee. He happens to idolize Nexus.

Collector’s Guide: From Nexus #1; Capital, 1983.