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Image Comics picked up licensing rights to Micronauts and launched their own series in 2002. We really enjoyed the artwork and seeing the Micros back in action. As far as the writing, it’s aimed at a younger teen audience. If you grew up on Micronauts in the 1970s, this probably isn’t for you — but your kids will love it like you loved the Micronauts in the Bill Mantlo days.

The Concept: Within our own universe, in a sub-atomic realm, lie endless worlds of scientific magnificence, under the rule of an evil tyrant, Baron Karza. Can a small band of misfit aliens and one human put an end to his reign? Find out in issue #1. Classic space opera with a modern twist!

Micronauts lasted a year at Image. They also spun off a cool four-issue series Micronauts Karza, involving a time-travel plot to kill the young Karza. Things don’t go as planned, but we learn a lot about Karza’s early life.

Collector’s Guide: From Micronauts #1; Image, 2002. Reprinted in Micronauts Revolution TPB #1; 2003.