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“Enter: Skull the Slayer and Exit: The Thing” begins a two-part dinosaur adventure with The Thing and Skull the Slayer. We’ll wrap up part two tomorrow. Digging Skull the Slayer? We love dinosaurs, but we’re no experts on Skull. But we know someone who is! Click for a Skull the Slayer retrospective on Diversions of the Groovy Kind. It includes the complete first issue of Skull’s own title and lots more scans, history, and goodies.

For a review and recap of the first 100 issues of Marvel Two-in-One, see our friends at the Longbox Graveyard.

Collector’s Guide: From Marvel Two-in-One #35. Marvel, 1978. Reprinted in Essential Marvel Two-in-One TPB #2, 2007. Story by Marv Wolfman. Art by Ernie Chan.