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Whatever knows fear, blogs at the touch of Man-Thing! Here he is, Marvel’s mucky monstrosity in some of our favorite swamp stories. Today’s Man-Thing Memoir rocks the second Marvel Two-in-One appearance of Man-Thing. If you missed it, we also have his first appearance in Marvel-Two-In-One.

In fact, this a three-in-one with Captain America. Sadly, not even John Byrne artwork can rescue this disaster. Man-Thing does get the Cosmic Cube for a while and that’s cool!

Collector’s Guide:
– From Marvel Two-In-One #43; 1978.
– Reprinted in color in the Man-Thing Omnibus Hardcover; 2012.
– Reprinted in black and white in Essential Marvel Two-In-One TPB #2.

For a review and recap of the first 100 issues of Marvel Two-in-One, see our friends at the Longbox Graveyard.