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V.T. Hamlin included Dinny’s Family Album, an educational dinosaur feature, in his Alley Oop strip for many years in the early 1930s. Alas, all good things must come to an extinction.

Hamlin subsequently ran a series about prehistoric man: Fragment’s of Man’s Early History. It was a decent series, but let’s face it: here on Mars we want prehistoric beasts! From 1938-1939, Fragments became Fragments: Odds and Ends of Prehistoric Lore. NOW we’re talking! Let’s rock those dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals, prehistoric birds, and other prehistoric animals.

Sadly, Fragments eventually got demoted from a huge single panel into a small strip at the bottom of the page called Odds and Ends. It abandoned prehistory almost completely by the end of 1939, becoming a strip called Science Says.

Today we will share with you our collection of images from Fragments: Odds and Ends of Prehistoric Lore. We’re leaving out a few about human pre-history, because DINOSAURS RULE! Enjoy!