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Several years ago, William Stout’s artwork came out in a series of trading cards packaged by Comic Images as “William Stout Lost World Collector Cards.” Today we share with you the dinosaur and prehistoric mammal cards in our packages.

While we love the art, we have to warn you that time had not been entirely kind to these cards. Many of them were stuck together inside the silvery packages. You’ll see some ‘scarring’ on theses images as a result. Still, they’re cool mementos for dinosaur fans and William Stout afficionados.

If you’re not hip to William Stout, he put together one of the best modern books on the lives of dinosaurs, lavishly illustrated with day-in-the-life stories based on the latest scientific thought on dinosaur biology: The New Dinosaurs.

William Stout also did an amazing series of prehistoric murals for the San Diego Natural History Museum. His book Prehistoric Life Murals takes you through the whole process, from thumbnail sketches to a wall full of raging dino. You’ll learn a few things about the mural process on the way, and the fold-out pages replicating entire walls are astounding. Bonus: It’s a lot cheaper than flying to San Diego!