Every day for 20 months we’ve pumped comic book awesomeness into the internet. It helps us unwind between pursuing our college degrees, taking care of our business customers in our not-so-secret identity, pursuing whatever art or music project calls out to us, and seeing what our cat wants.

We enjoy connecting with other readers and corresponding about our favorite stories. You helped us discover more titles and stories, from the latest self-published books to hidden treasures in the vaults of comic history. We have fun hanging out with you in Martian cyberspace!

Our daily postings will continue for at least another year. After that, we will need to hang a shiny new bachelor’s degree on our wall next summer and probably start a master’s program. Only Dr. Doom’s time machine can tell us if we’ll have time to keep up then!

For now, having completed six weeks of homework, quizzes, and the final exam for an Applied Statistics class called Quantitative Methods in Business in just four days, we are going to take a nap. Program the robots to guard the perimeter! Inform the Justice League we cannot make the meeting on the satellite today!

Until tomorrow, we leave you with this goofy chart of our first 20 months.