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Another San Diego Comicon has come and gone. We chose to avoid the crowds, Twilight bullshit, Hollywood and TV hype, and jaywalking. Instead, we got all the Comicon we needed from the Lobo Convention Special.

Here, the Main Man laughs so hard at the once-hyped-but-now-worthless Death of Superman that he rips his book to shreds. Lobo hops on his bad motorscooter to find a fresh copy at the 1993 Comicon in San Diego. Mayhem, carnage, and hilarity ensue, brought to life by the inimitable artwork of Martian favorite Kevin O’Neill. Frag all the bastiches!

Collector’s Guide: From Lobo Convention Special #1; DC Comics, 1993. Art by Kevin O’Neill; story by Alan Grant and Keith Giffen.