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In World’s Finest #146, Batman takes part in ‘five minutes of silence’ observed by Superman and every other surviving Kryptonian on the anniversay of Krypton’s destruction. The silent ceremony triggers a memory in Batman – a memory he could not possibly have unless he, too, was from Krypton! The ensuing drama and its resolution tug at our heart strings every time we read it.

Every so often, our local comic shop puts some well-worn silver age comics in the $5 bargain box. “Affordable Silver Age” says the sign. Ok – we’ll bite! Last time, we found this copy of World’s Finest #146. True, the science is completely goofy and the writing aims at a younger audience. But, this is one of those gems we read as youngsters in the amazing comic book stash in Gramma’s garage. If we haven’t bored you with that memoir before, jump over to our other favorite issue of World’s Finest: World’s Finest #147.

Even if you’re not a big Silver Age fan, we encourage you to check out this story. You may never think of Krypton in the same way ever again!

Collector’s Guide:
– From World’s Finest #146; DC Comics, 1964.
– Reprinted in Superman in the Sixties TPB.

Script by Edmond Hamilton, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by Sheldon Moldoff.
This issue also includes a Superboy story.