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Today we share with you the historic Captain Science #1.

With story tiles like “Spawn of Saturn,” “Destination Moon,” “Traitors to the Earth,” and “The Monster God of Rogor,” you can expect some far-out Golden Age sci-fi thrills. We removed the ads, but you can find out more about our favorite ad from this issue at Lucky Skull Ring.

Like many Golden Age Comics now in the public domain, you can find Captain Science scans at the Digital Comic Museum. Or, collect original issues of Captain Science.

We discovered Captain Science in a Caliber Press reprint called Buried Treasure. They created a fine black and white re-print of “Captain Science and the Insidious Dr. Khartoum!” Being big fans of EC Comics, we of course loved the artwork by Wally Wood that appears in that story and some of our other Captain Science faves.