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Escape To Mizar 5 is a new independent comic book about two career criminals who arrive in chains on a prison planet and take over the crime syndicate from the ground up. It’s a fun romp full of hustles, aliens, tough street talk, and laser blasters. The energetic artwork by Waranghira, especially the inking style and zip-a-tone, brings to mind the early days of Lawson & Lavigne on Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We had a lot of fun reading it!

Download Escape to Mizar 5 in PDF – free from Mediafire!

The story of Escape to Mizar 5 ties into a full-length space-rap concept album by authors Apeface & Crumplezone. The comic book tells of Apeface & Crumplezone’s interplanetary criminal adventures, and the 16 songs on the album follow that story, too. We were impressed with the smooth groove and high production values of the first single, One Night.

Download One Night – $0.99 from iTunes

Apeface and Crumplezone have put together a great package: a radio-ready rap/R&B single and a hip indie comic to promote the full album. While gearing up for release this summer, they’ve given us permission to give you advance access to their tasty jams and their comic book. Enjoy Escape to Mizar 5!

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