You may have heard the voices of doom and gloom proclaiming comic books as an art form are dead. It’s hard to take that stuff seriously when you can find a free comic book in the back of every airplane seat! It’s one of our favorite graphic novels called, “In Case of Emergency Landing!” Or, as George Carlin liked to remind us, in case of a crash!

Anyway, as long as people can tell stories and convey information with pictures, comic books will be alive and well. They’ve been around since the days our ancestors were painting on the walls of caves, and they’ve followed us into the atmosphere. Now if we could just get Alan Moore to do a deconstructionist tale of these airplane comics, that’d be great!

Collector’s Guide: From Southwest Airlines “In Case of Emergency Landing”.

2022 Update: Once upon a time, a well-known bastion of journalism tried to link to this post in one of their articles. But they used a more general “tag” URL instead of this post’s precise URL. I emailed them to let them know the correct URL, but when they didn’t change it, I trolled them a little by adding a ridiculous Quarterly Report to that tag archive. To this day, I have received zero complaints from readers of The Atlantic about that cute photo of me and Ellie Kitty.