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Writer Steve Englehart delves into the twisted origin of The Vision in Avengers #135. Along the way, we get the origin of Hank Pym’s problematic robot creation, Ultron-5! We see how evil Ultron used the android body of the original Human Torch to build the Vision. And, we see what a suck-tastic design Ultron originally had!

In fact, Steve gets so jazzed about telling origins of Avengers that he even throws in a three-page origin of Moondragon. What glorious Origin Overkill! With a splash page of Thanos, Moondragon’s origin comes from Jim Starlin’s Captain Marvel. Jim Starlin contributed the cover for this issue, too!

Collector’s Guide: From Avengers #135; Marvel, 1975. Reprinted in Essential Avengers TPB #6.