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If we had to pick our favorite panel by Sal Buscema, it’s got to be this amazing double splash from the Spider-man and Dr. Strange team up: The Spider and the Sorcerer! One of the reasons we love it so much is that we first laid eyes on it in Marvel Treasury Edition #22. It was huger than huge! The cosmic effect blasted our senses, an impact that has lingering effects to this day.

We didn’t have time today to get this whole adventure posted, but don’t despair. Our archives house two more stories from this Marvel Treasury Edition: the complete two-part adventure where Spidey battles raging dinosaurs. First, with Ka-Zar in the Savage Land, and then continuing to New York with the Black Panther. These links will transport you there: Part One, Spider-man + Ka-Zar team up. Part Two, Spider-man + Black Panther team up.

Collector’s Guide: Marvel Treasury #22: The Sensational Spider-man. Reprints Marvel Team-Up #21. Reprinted in Essential Marvel Team-Up #1