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T-Rex March Madness! Who is the greatest T-Rex of them all?? Coinciding with this year’s NCAA March Madness, Mars Will Send No More welcomes you to the terrifying spectacle of The T-Rex Beat Down!

The T-Rex Beat Down stars eight of the greatest Tyrannosaurs of all time. Right here on Mars, they will fight for the T-Rex championship title. Join us every afternoon from March 27th through April 2nd for a blood-curdling T-Rex death match!

We proudly present this senses-shattering super-battle with The Longbox Graveyard‘s Paul O’Connor, connoisseur of cool and keeper of the Bronze Age flame. Together we will present seven T-Rex matches featuring the following tyrant lizards:

The T-Rex of Skull Island, from King Kong.
Old One Eye, from 2000 AD’s Flesh.
Gwangi, from Valley of the Gwangi.
Devil Dinosaur, by Jack Kirby.
Loner, by Jim Lawson.
Trax, the telepathic tyrannosaur from Brain Boy.
Satanus, from 2000 AD’s Judge Dredd.
The Tyrannosaurus from Jurassic Park.

Every day we’ll give you a Tale of The Tape, a brutal Play-by-Play, and a chance to vote for your favorites. The Quarterfinal matches begin tomorrow afternoon. See you then!

Behold the Bracket of Brutality! click for full size