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We dug the Cosmic Eye from this issue of Adventure Comics so much that we painted our own version. Check it out under the image gallery below. We substituted Kirby Krackle for the energy rays because, well, we are total Jack Kirby freaks.

We got of a kick out of the back-up featuring Superboy’s dog Krypto. During an innocent game of Super Hide and Seek, Krypto discovers dinosaur bones. Being a dog, he wants the real deal, not a fossil! So he uses the old Superman trick of flying in circles at super speed to go back in time. We’re fairly certain that would actually result in Super Puking, but hey — just rock the dinosaurs, okay?!

Collector’s Guide: From Adventure Comics #323 featuring Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes; DC, 1964. Reprinted in DC Archive Edition Legion of Super-Heroes HC #3; DC 1993.